Stop the Blocks is a network of grassroots Tower Hamlets campaigns fighting against gentrification and social cleansing. Closed House weekend of action will take place on August 8th-9th, and will continue to work together to resist the social cleansing of the area.

Stop the Blocks is a network of grassroots campaigns in Tower Hamlets fighting to hang on to their homes and communities in the face of a state sanctioned onslaught of private developers wanting a slice of the East End pie. It’s time we put an end to this gravy train before the residents become mash.

But before battle we thought we should educate ourselves with a gentle stroll around parts of the manor already under attack and hear from those on the frontline being surrounded by steel and concrete towers with many facing eviction, demolition or simply being priced out of the area.

Closed House weekend on Facebook

We want to:

– Highlight threats to the communities of Tower Hamlets from corporate property developers
– Build links between different radical and housing groups currently fighting these developments, with a view to creating a longer lasting united front
– Raise public & media awareness of the individual struggles, and the wider picture of private theft of public spaces in our Borough

Groups and campaigns involved include:


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